Webinar: Threat Detection Neutralization

Your Current Approach to Threat Detection & Neutralization is Broken

From costly false positives to overworked security teams, your current approach to threat detection is broken. Learn more in this webinar on June 6 with SANS.

Pitfalls of Reputation-Based WAFs Guide

Dynamic Cyber Defenses: A Fresh Approach to an Old Problem

Standard prevention approaches in cybersecurity favor bad actors. Learn how a new development, dynamic defenses, is making it possible to overcome these shortcomings and place defenses on a more even playing field with attackers.

Pitfalls of Reputation-Based WAFs Guide

How to Avoid the Top 3 Pitfalls of Reputation-Based WAFs

Read this guide to learn more about the challenges associated with traditional WAF solutions and how a contextual behavioral analysis approach can combat them.

ThreatX Secures Healthcare Supply Chain
Case Study

GHX Trusts Threat X to Secure the Largest Footprint in Healthcare Supply Chain

Discover how Global Healthcare Exchange LLC (GHX) uses Threat X to avoid the cost and complexity of operating the company’s traditional firewall.

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Saas-Based Web Application Fireawalls Data Sheet
Data Sheet

Traditional vs. SaaS-Based Web Application Firewalls

Your current WAF is inadequately covering the vast attack surface created by your hybrid cloud, web, and legacy application environment.

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