The Saas-based Intelligent Web Application Firewall

with DDoS, Bot and CDN capabilities in one solution.

Top Targets
Threat Entities
Attack States

Attacker Focused. No Rules. Total Coverage.

How It Works



Block threats in hours with SaaS, on-prem, or Docker native-cloud deployment in your private cloud or provider (AWS, Azure).


ID & Profile Threats

IP fingerprinting, and application and attack profiling continually combine and correlate to identify, track and assess threat actors.


Detect & Neutralize

Based on attacker profiling, detect and neutralize with high precision, layer 7 attacks, OWASP Top 10, bots, DDoS, and zero-day threats.


Analyze & Optimize

Executive dashboards compare and communicate your threat situation while collective threat intelligence combines with a managed service for 24X7 proactive monitoring and response.

Breaking The Kill Chain

Reconnaissance Port Scanning Mapping Brute Force DDoS Exploitation Malware

Where other security solutions rely on signatures, static rules and single attacks, Threat X builds a dynamic profile of every threat actor as they move through the threat lifecycle. Threat X easily monitors bots and high-risk attackers to predict and prevent layer 7 application attacks, including the top OWASP and zero-day threats, and DDoS attacks.

Why Threat X?

High Visibility, Low Burden

If You Can’t See It, You Can’t Stop It.

Arm security teams with a 360-degree view of vulnerabilities and risk, while greatly reducing operational burden.

Greater Precision

Build a Threat Score, Reduce False Positives.

Block threats in real-time based on a risk score instead of rules. Analyze future behavior while letting legitimate traffic through.

Easy To Deploy

Your "Low Priority" Sites Are a Hacker's Top Targets.

With flexible, SaaS-based or container deployment options, you can protect ALL web, cloud, and legacy apps quickly.

“We don’t have to specify the conditions or rules…”

A behavior-based approach to security was very compelling for us. Threat interactions are monitored, and Threat X enables us to automatically identify and block potentially malicious and suspicious behavior. We don't have to specify the conditions or rules like we would in any other WAF, because the Threat X solution continuously learns from what it observes.
Joel Bruesch, Senior Director of Information Security, BMC Software




Next Generation, SaaS-based Web Application Firewall deploys as a cloud native application quickly, delivering real-time, accurate threat detection and response. View and mitigate all vulnerabilities and threats from a centralized dashboard. Share threat status and trends.

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Threat X Labs

While Threat X extends your overburdened security team by automating the analysis of thousands of security events, Threat X Labs combines collective threat intelligence and analysis with a managed service that includes 24X7 proactive monitoring and response - so you have complete confidence in your ability to detect and respond to an attack.

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Threat X Labs
DDoS Protection

Layer 7 DDoS Attack Protection

Robust site profiling capabilities for early and rapid detection ensure Threat X identifies and neutralizes key exploit vectors of any layer 7 DDoS attack, long before they become an issue.

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Bot Detection

Site profiling dynamically deploys custom rules to catch malicious bots, scrapers, crawlers and content spammers, while tar-pitting and interrogation slow and re-route questionable requests.

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Bot Detection

Edge Caching

Static and dynamic resource caching, image optimization, CSS and Javascript minification, inline and cache purging all work together to ensure that back-end application issues and content-heavy web apps don’t negatively impact application performance.

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